Stop being accomadating in relationships

And perhaps it is true, that they are selfish, but the real problem is not being addressed because it is buried deep in your soul.

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I usually get caught up in my own stuff and react and stress and fight.

But once the dust has settled, I ask myself, does it really matter?

Not get caught in the tornado that this person creates and sucked into space to come crashing down afterwards.

Unfortunately, when I am confronted with a situation that requires a solution, I get trapped by that old demon of being right and being heard.

By then, our lunch plans wouldn’t have made any sense since it was getting close to midnight. I noticed myself looking down at my feet at the end of our conversation, holding the phone in my hand as I said cheerily, “No, it’s totally fine! ” I would ask, knowing full well my reputation for being mellow.

However, as time went on, I began to lose track of what being nice really meant.

Is it right to punish someone for something that they have no control over?

Furthermore, at least 50% of the responsibility lies with me.

Let’s say that your colleague is trying to outdo you to get a promotion and they are spreading rumours about you. It is not helpful to be cruel, demeaning, rude, bitchy, bossy, bullying, spiteful, hurtful, horrible, selfish, and vengeful.

I don’t have the answer, but following Buddha’s advice, I would keep my mouth shut and not say a word and let the scenario play itself out.

I think it would have been better off if I had ended it much earlier and moved on. My natural inclination was to let the friendship fade away, but after careful consideration, i confronted her and we sorted it out. If it is not truthful and not helpful, don’t say it. Often we say this or that is what upsets us, but actually it is something far deeper.

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