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As time passed we had talked everyday whether on the phone, texting, messengers, or emails.I always made sure that she had good times or something she could smile about knowing someone was thinking about her.

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I had her flown in to spend the summer with me, meet my family, and take a road trip. When we get to the club I go to open the door for her and she slammed it shut.

On the road trip, she was really tired and slept most of the way… However, she sat in the back seat the whole time which kind of sucked. Her family told me they were happy to finally see her with a person who puts her first. I paid to get everyone in gave her money to pay everything. Later, she asked me to leave her there and go home.

She is getting increasingly more rude and angry towards him because to novelty has worn off. How could you not love someone so kind and attentive?

She has obviously tried over and over again by her words and actions to get rid of this guy. This is not the “I wanna sleep with you love, it’s more about pity.

If you know that your man is willing to do “anything to make you happy,” who holds all the power in the relationship? Unless you are a dominatrix or socio path, this is not going to be fun for too long.

In the end, you end up feeling obligated to sleep with a sugar daddy who you have no sexual attraction for.Step away and don’t talk or contact her for a few days and examine what you already know is true.Sugar daddy is not the term you want applied to yourself.You should consider re-reading what you’ve written and really see what you are doing here: you pay for everything and she treats you like dirt. It would be one thing if you have an endless supply of cash and you are doing things that both of you want to do, but instead you are paying for her fun times and waiting outside for her to finish. You are paying for everything with the expected exchange of her love (and sex).She is accepting all of this attention (almost unwillingly) because you insist that her needs are met.Please look into the Unstoppable Confidence Course and get back your dignity. Meanwhile, she can barely hide her disrespect for you.

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