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Increase the odds of finding some one you really want to be with, be pro-active!

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Elect Club Personal Introductions Agency are an established Top London Dating Agency with over 10 years in the Matchmaking Industry.

Elect Club are an Exclusive Personal Introductions Agency that has gone from strength to strength over time and is run by a team of top and award winning Dating Experts, Coaches and of course those all important Matchmakers.

Especially in the economic downturn people are looking to have fun out of work. As I too have worked in a busy professional environment it gives me a great insight into my clients. All of the people I meet are busy, socialable, intelligent people, who tend to be a time poor. We ask all our clients to respect everyone’s privacy.

They may well meet lots of people via their work and often do. We have some very high profile and well known members.

I came back to Belfast and arranged a dinner party for some friends and friends of friends in March 2008.

The idea was to get a bunch of single like minded, professionals together, have some fun and ideally meet some new people.

We have been in almost every bit of Press you can think of and over the last two years Elect Club Personal Matchmakers have been nominated for Best Matchmaker 2014 and Best Dating Coach 2015 at The i Date Awards as well as our CEO being nominated as a Passionpreneur and the Relationship Expert and Guru for the exclusive site you ever optimistically enter a bar hoping you might bump into someone who happened to be selling a house with the number of bedrooms you wanted, in the area you wanted, etc…?

No, that would be ridiculous Statistics 52% of singles feel they are too busy to meet other singles.

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