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Hugh Cornwell live in LA to stream or purchase on i Tunes A show recorded in LA is currently available to stream on Moshcam.

You can watch an interview with Hugh and then watch the full show, which features Clem Burke on drums.

Common taboos involve restrictions or ritual regulation of killing and hunting; sex and sexual relationships (primarily incest, necrophilia, castration, paraphilia, miscegenation, adultery, fornication, seduction, pedophilia, homosexuality, voyeurism, zoophilia, masturbation, paraphilias, circumcision, bisexuality, heterosexuality, transgression, transexuality, prostitution, sexuality, transgender, cisgender, virginity, etc.); reproduction (abortion, late termination of pregnancy, infanticide); the dead and their graves; as well as food and dining (primarily cannibalism and dietary laws such as vegetarianism, kashrut, and halal) or religious (treif and haram).

In Madagascar, a strong code of taboos, known as fady, constantly change and are formed from new experiences.

Please be aware the video clip contains images of full frontal nudity.

Louder Than War have also interviewed Hugh about the video.

Read an interview with Hugh about MRDEMILLEFM - Hugh's new website about the world of film and film music.

MRDEMILLEFM is now live, with four new shows including an interview with SIR DAVID PUTTNAM. Louder Than War have got an exclusive of the new Hugh Cornwell video, God is a Woman, from Hugh's latest album, Totem & Taboo.There is some music playing and lights flashing and drinks being served.A neon sign above the bar says "Taboo" in cursive letters as the women continue on.On a comparative basis taboos, for example related to food items, seem to make no sense at all as what may be declared unfit for one group by custom or religion may be perfectly acceptable to another.Whether scientifically correct or not, taboos are often meant to protect the human individual, but there are numerous other reasons for their existence.Among other reasons, this taboo may come from concern that comments may be taken out of the appropriate context and used to make ill-informed policy decisions.

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