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Today, I read another ad: "These bitter realities about the plight of Afghan women are not reflected in the world media, which in itself implies that unlike what is being trumpeted by the Western media and leaders, Afghan women are not “liberated” at all.

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We've assumed for a long time that we could bring everyone around to think the same way we do, while in truth: whole cultures are dedicated to killing us off, and they don't even have a right to think for themselves.

They just follow their religious heads and do whatever they say. We're currently trying to meet the world on it's own terms and it's not working. In Iraq you can be killed as a goat herder if you don t have pants on your goat. ==================President Karzai's government "has moved aggressively to crack down on what Afghans call imported vices," such as alcohol and prostitution.

This is to relieve many of the American soldiers that have been re-located to Iraq.

This is what the headlines read today, "Taliban Video Sheds Light on Afghan Fighters".

If you want to reference a movie that saw this years ahead of time, see the Beatles "Help! I think this is going to culminate in a big bloody land war in central asia, as much as I hate to think it. as a grocer if you display your fruits and vegs wrong, no celery next to tomatos. Under the Taliban, the same office "whipped women if their veils slipped and arrested men for wearing too-short beards or playing chess."=================="Center for American Progress Action Fund"____________________________AFGHANISTAN -- SECURITY REMAINS ELUSIVE IN INSURGENCY-RIDDLED SOUTH: Only one week after NATO took over command of southern Afghanistan from U. forces, a sharp spike in violence is already "taxing" the international coalition.

In the "worst upsurge of violence" since 2001, the Taliban recently overran two districts before being beaten back.

Following this, there was a video of the Taliban parading what they have just taken off of our killed Canadian Soldiers in Afganistan.

Within this video the Talaban state: "Canadians, Americans, they are all the same: infidels," says one Taliban member. We are against Terrorists that aim to cause pain and suffering on the world.

Canadian soldiers have now taken up a larger role in Afganistan.

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