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Fortunately, the property’s appeal has been much more enduring than their relationship, and the home has made it into the four most popular Listings Of The Day from 2016.

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All the park’s investigative resources were diverted to the new body.“It’s amazing that we found him at all,” Brown told me.

“Nobody ever goes out there, it’s the most remote part of the park.

Big Bend, where Brown was stationed, is located in Far West Texas, with the thin green ribbon of the Rio Grande serving as the border with Mexico.

It’s one of America’s least-visited national parks, a remote and sunbaked place whose martian landscape of sharp canyons and sudden outcroppings implies some deep-buried geological violence.

A group of rangers set out on horseback to look for the runaway drug smuggler later that morning.

Deep into the search, in a remote part of the park near Dagger Flat, one of them spied an incongruous scrap of color in the desert.Maybe years later somebody would’ve stumbled on some bones, but they would’ve been all strewn out. He had only been dead around six weeks when we found him.”The man was still wearing the clothes he had died in — a denim shirt with the word “Magic” embroidered over the left pocket.At the bottom of the grave was a pair of green, black, and purple Nikes, size 13.Wine collectors are well catered for with a cellar built from reclaimed wood, resembling an old mining shaft.So are big kids: there’s a games room, complete with retro pinball machine and pool table and a nine-hole frisbee golf course.If you fancy a dip in the lake there’s an outdoor shower for when you clamber out, or you can just stick to the hot tub.

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