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I don't get any response for the entire weekend. I assume she's ghosting me so I delete her number and our text conversation. I receive two texts saying "Sorry for not responding before.

I text her again Sunday afternoon asking "would you like to meet up again sometime? I’ve had a terrible cold all weekend" and "I’d like that!

Sometimes I'll even ask "What do you want to know about me? No one can ever have fun with people who don’t drink. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying things people deem basic or uninteresting, but I understand how listing that I like to read, watch Netflix, and travel acts as white noise among a million other women’s profiles.

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But it confused me so much because I'm a huge nerd, all I do is play World of Warcraft after school, plus I have no idea what to do on a date, much less be romantic.

I feel like I'd let her down if we were in a relationship.

I also legitimately thought I was being pranked for having a girl WAY out of my league ask me out.

Fast forward a year after my class graduated from high school.

Maybe in a few days after I’m feeling a little better." What's going on here?

I don't think having a cold prevents a person from picking up their phone for an entire weekend.

I said "no" to her for several reasons, biggest reason is because I had a lot of anxiety over it.

She is a popular cheerleader who just happened to sit next to me at English and she had a thing for me.

Trolls have been running rampant for months in this sub. But I'm sitting here having a sort of eureka moment. I hadn't been thinking too much about it before Friday. Then I remembered on the coffee date, we realized his cousin is my good friend in town (small world). Everyone wants to be loved, but not too early because that’s creepy.

People like Pepper, the Israeli guy, as well as the Indian incel, who are clearly just here to spam shit up with their psychotic thoughts, never get banned or have their threads deleted. Realizations: It's not the end of the world if someone doesn't like me. So on the date he had said we should hang out with her, then as we were leaving he repeated that we should hang out with her. Be sure to be busy sometimes because things that are scarce are more desirable.

We had a lot in common and had a good conversation.

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