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In the last two seasons — he missed almost all of his rookie season because of a knee injury — he has appeared in 33 games, piling up 1,737 yards and 10 touchdowns in 139 catches.Still, the 6-foot-5, 260-pounder says there’s room for improvement in his game, especially when it comes to mastering the Chiefs’ playbook, which isn’t short on words, or an abundance of concepts.

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“I think it will be a pretty funny show, but I’m more excited for the football season,” said Kelce, who addressed the media for the first time since the show was announced in January.

“I’m not even a big TV guy, so for the most part, I was going into it blind and just enjoying the experience.” “I had some people get my ear about it,” Kelce said, when asked if he needed any prodding to go on the show.

Kelce will ultimately decide who goes home at the end of each hour but the girls aren't powerless.

They'll vote which of their competitors get to go on VIP dates with Kelce.

They'll need to cultivate alliances to get more time with their football dream man or work together to throw weak links under the bus. Lena Headey shows that Cersei Lannister would be great on "On top of being a well-respected athlete, Travis has a fun-loving, over the top personality that draws people to him, and we are excited to give our viewers an up-close look at his search for love," said E!

Travis Kelce’s whirlwind offseason has come to a close. The 26-year old made his first Pro Bowl and became one of the richest tight ends in the league in January, courtesy of a five-year, million extension he signed that same week.

At some point, an announcer or host will probably say “the claws come out.” Or since a football player is involved, there will surely be a few “unnecessary roughness” and “unsportsmanlike conduct” cracks. And maybe, just maybe, some of his Chiefs teammates will help his decision-making along the way.

Actually, tracking football puns used throughout the show could make for strong drinking game material. Hopefully, one of the eight episodes will be an “after the final rose” type of show with Jesse Palmer (star of season five) sitting alongside his fellow football player/reality dating show star to offer a sympathetic ear. But Kelce might need someone to have his back at some point.

But this won’t just be a version of too, as the women — 50 contestants, one from each state — in the competition will decide which of them goes on group dates with him.

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