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Reading other reviews for this series confirmed in my mind that one would either hate it or love it. Added to this is the stultifying political correctness that hangs over the series. One outstanding feature of the series is the standard of the acting by the children.

I expect that women would like it and men would generally hate it. The cast is as good as could be expected in an Australian drama. The twins, Carmody and Luce's daughter are stars, believable and natural.

The 33-year-old actress was there to announce her new TV series, Bite Club.

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Other stars of the show include Dominic Monaghan and Deborah Mailman, who appeared to be absent at the Upfronts.

Pia confirmed her plans to leave Home and Away earlier this week.

She just announced her departure from Channel Seven's Home and Away after three years on the Aussie soap.

And on Wednesday, Pia Miller looked like she couldn't care less about Summer Bay as she strutted her stuff on the red carpet at the Channel Nine Upfronts in Sydney.

Melody departed on-screen in February that year, which saw her move to New Zealand.

In December 2007, it was announced that Celeste Dodwell had been cast as a "Summer Bay High student".

The stunning beauty told Daily Telegraph that her focus will now be on spending time with her partner Tyson Mullane and her two sons Isaiah, 14, and Lenny, 10.'I take it day by day and I audition for things when they come up,' the Chilean-born stunner said.'I don't have my sights set on Hollywood, which is always publicised about me.

It's not the case.' Bite Club is set to air on Nine in 2018.

That is, until he found her dead of a drug overdose in her apartment.

As Brett seeks revenge he may learn that not everything in his life was what he thought it was. The comparison with the never-ending series "Days of Our Lives" is apt. All the main men are Sensitive New-Age Guys whose characters must have been defined by the women who produced the show. Only some of the female characters have any depth and then not much.

When is admitted into a psychiatric clinic, where Aden Jefferies (Todd Lasance) is also being treated.

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