Too eager dating

I've been in a couple online relationships in which I was probably "too eager too soon," and both originated at times when about any kind of relationship would have been an improvement.

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It makes it very hard to progress in a potential relationship when a person is not being themselves, and acting and saying how they really feel.

I also think that hoping that a particular action on the womans part will "yield more anticipation from a guy " does nothing more than send mixed signals, and make it hard for the guy to read how the potential relationship is going. And I don't expect reciprocal interest from every single guy that I message either.

It is all about chemistry, compatability, and maturity of the 2 people involved. Some are exactly what they seem, and others can't make up their minds what side of the fence they are on. No one should throw themselves at anyone, male or female. Some females have the tendency to be too subtle when they think they're playing hard to get. Then once the guy gets tired of chasing, they're on POF asking why their guy quit talking them "out of the blue." Make sure you don't fall into that category. It is very irritating when a woman attempts put me into a category, and expect me to respond a particular way if she acts a particular way.

I would much rather have a woman act in whatever way that she feels like acting.

"I hope that you had a great day and that tomorrow is even better.

I really am truly looking forward to finding out more and getting to know you.

If he knows his life sucks, the unknown sounds GREAT; there's nowhere to go but up, right?

I never heard it put that way, but it makes good sense.

I definitely looking forward to getting to the point where we trust each and and discuss everything and anything. This kind of stuff has happened offline, but at least there was more personal interaction. From his perspective, if he knows his life is good, the unknown probably doesn't seem very appealing.

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