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To some nations he opened the path of civilisation and religion: to this race he was the harbinger of death.

[1773.] Furneaux, Captain Cook's second in command, first visited this country. They had left their huts, formed but for a day, in which were fragments of fish, baskets, and spears.

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The children were thought pretty; of the beauty of the women the account was not equally favorable.

They rejected with disdain the presents and freedoms of the officers, and were ordered by an elderly man to retire—a command, to which they submitted with reluctance. Anderson, the surgeon of the Resolution, describes the natives as a mild, cheerful race, with an appearance less wild than is common to savages.

Voyage—surgeon-superintendents—convict ship—treatment of women—abuses—systems of management—Dr. Reid—Cunningham—Browning—general safety of convict vessels—loss of the George the Third—the Neva—the Governor Phillip. [1643.] At the era of discovery by Tasman, Van Diemen's Land was inhabited.

He heard, or thought he heard, the voices of people and the sound of a trumpet: he noticed the recently cut notches, five feet asunder, on the bark of the trees, and he saw the smoke of fires.

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Some of these blogs are (or contain) punishment logs, too.They were unarmed, except that one of them carried a stick, pointed at the end. On different parts of their bodies were ridges, both straight and curved, raised in the skin: the hair of the head and beard was smeared with red ointment.They were indifferent to presents; they rejected bread, and the flesh of the sea elephant, but accepted some birds, which they signified their intention to eat.He left Europe when the dreams of Rousseau were the toys of the speculative, and before they became the phantoms of the populace.His observations were, doubtlessly, correct; but his grouping is artistic, and not without illusion.Cook prevailed on a native to throw the stick at a mark thirty yards distant, but he failed after repeated trial.

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