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The first year of a travel management program is about discovery.During this phase, FCm works very closely with your business to focus on: Your involvement in this phase is imperative, as it helps to fully exploit the opportunities of consolidation.With this approach, we put you in the most informed position to make the best changes to your travel policy.

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At each quarterly review and at the end of your first year, your program performance is measured to ensure your travel volumes are in sync with your initial forecasts.

As travel patterns emerge quarter on quarter, consolidation in the second year of a travel program is achieved through strategic direction and planning.

We identify options for non-travel opportunities based on transparency through MIR (eg.

video/teleconferencing for internal meetings instead of same-day travel).

With a focus on policy management and reporting, consolidation drives accountability and results by allowing you to monitor performance across three areas: In addition to these measurable outcomes, consolidating your data improves your travel risk management program by having centrally located information to track any travellers.

A journey of discovery, change and maintenance Effective consolidation hinges on your commitment to a change management plan that aligns your corporate travel culture with your goals.

For more information about Triplink, visit the Concur website.

About Concur Concur, an SAP company, imagines the way cost effective world travel should work, offering cloud-based services that make it simple to manage travel and expenses.

Using our FCm Expense solution, we also identify operating inefficiences such as accounts payable.

During the second year, FCm continues to undertake an annual Travel Policy Analysis and benchmarking exercise to help improve your company's buying behaviour and savings.

Working closely with you, we may be able to unearth poor policy compliance and booking behaviour.

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