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Austin surprised Summer by becoming a part time lifeguard.

Austin also couldn't accept Summer's extravagant gifts such as an expensive tie from Fenmore's.

Austin calls Summer and after explaining everything to her, she agrees to go on the run with him, but Austin soon decides to do the right thing and turn himself in.

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Leslie Michaelson got Austin out on bail and Summer married him, so she wouldn't be forced to testify against him.

Sharon's unknown twin daughter, Mariah Copeland, who was the late Cassie's twin.

He tells Avery that the guy she helped get off killed his mother, and now he wanted her to confess and ruin her reputation.

Dylan Mc Avoy shows up and he and Austin wrestle over the gun as the police burst into the room. Austin escapes, but officer Courtney Sloane shoots him in the shoulder as he is running away.

Austin opens up about losing his own mom at a young age.

Soon afterward as her cooking episodes begin airing, Avery begins receiving some harsh comments from a unknown person, known only as 4MJ.

Austin Travers was a character portrayed by Matthew Atkinson.

Austin Travers is first introduced as a cameraman for a new cooking show hosted by Avery Clark.

Phyllis cracked the password by figuring it was Summer's birth date.

While, Jack, Austin, and Summer were over at the mansion again, Phyllis angrily blurted out that Summer married a felon! Phyllis was spiteful towards him for holding her sister at gunpoint and shooting Paul Williams at the wedding!

Kelly was a bit hesitant about going but Jack insisted her to go and looked forward to telling Summer and Austin that Kelly's moving in at dinner.

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