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Mutations in this gene most commonly presents as missense mutations or misfolding of the rhodopsin protein, and most frequently follow autosomal dominant inheritance patterns.

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This makes me super nervous because I've never been in a healthy poly relationship and I really don't want to be forgotten as his little because of this.

I get very territorial when it comes to him being anyone else little and have made it clear that we will only be my Daddy.

Back of the eye of a person with retinitis pigmentosa, mid stage.

A mutation on the USH2A gene is known to cause 10-15% of a syndromic form of RP known as Usher's Syndrome when inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion.

We haven't really discussed more but that was an idea that she brought up that I think might help.

Maybe agree to be his only little and even though he may be dating someone else you're going to be the only little so your fear is lessened.If your partner respects you and actually wants to be with you, they will understand.If they don't well, you dodged a bullet and didn't waste anymore time on them.It really depends on you and your partner, bring up your concerns and see if theres a way to manage them.And although it calls my attention a lot, I reject it because I was just getting into this world, and it was a little abrupt for me (since they wanted to go to the sexual quickly and I was scared a little to be only used to satisfy the fetish of the trio Hi lilspacebuns, I'm jelly and I'm an admin here and I had a word with a member of our team who is poly.Browse the cam girl profiles, go full screen on any of the live cams, and chat instantly with beautiful models.

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