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A pair of phone connectors: A plug (right) is inserted in a socket (jack, left) Note the flat open contact spring parallel to and inside the tip contact spring.

When the plug is removed, those contacts close to connect a circuit; such a connection is said to be "normal".

Home gardeners who are serious about supporting pollinators should avoid harmful chemicals, as well.

“People also need to stop using pesticides in their back yards and purchasing nursery plants from nurseries that use neonicotinoid pesticides.” (Neonicotinoids are a group of pesticides chemically related to nicotine that are deadly to most pollinating insect species.) There was some confusion around the General Mills promotion caused by social media rumors alleging that Cheerios cereal itself is responsible for the death of bees because it has been found to contain traces of a common herbicide.

The #Bring Back The Bees campaign was a gesture in the direction of replacing some of that lost habitat. The bee experts we contacted said yes, though its impact can only be incremental.

UC Davis Emeritus Extension Apiculturist Eric Mussen gave us a sense of the scale of the problem.So yes, people planting wildflowers in their gardens can help.” However, Kremen cautions against planting commercial wildflower seeds in wild or natural areas.“Wildflower plantings in natural reserves and natural areas should be done by professionals that are following a well-established restoration plan,” she wrote.Transvestite cams have never been so much fun, with their special hidden secrets only found with hot trannies action - guaranteed to excite you in ways you never expected..!Uncover the forbidden pleasure with our exotic lady boys.“On the other hand a honey bee colony that is actively raising more that 1,000 bees daily during the spring, summer, and fall requires the equivalent of an acre of mixed blooms to meet its daily food requirements,” Muller said.

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