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Although it is to be built in Beverly Hills this goes wrong in an unexpected way.

Charlie takes his dermatologist Michelle on a movie date, then proceeds smoothly into bed, but retreats after hearing she's 47 and meeting her bisexual daughter Shauna (20), fearing he'll end up doing it with both.

Season 5, Episode 4October 15, 2007Charlie is ready to consummate his relationship with Linda (Ming-Na Wen), but he keeps seeing the face of Rose (Melanie Lynskey) everywhere he goes.

Season 5, Episode 15April 21, 2008Alan is afraid that Charlie's womanizing has reached a dangerous level.

The script was written by "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" scribes Sarah Goldfinger and Evan Dunsky.

Season 5, Episode 6October 29, 2007Jake sneaks out to a concert that Alan told him he couldn't attend.

Season 5, Episode 10November 27, 2007Alan learns that it was Charlie who stole his high-school girlfriend years ago, and now he wants to get revenge.

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star Holland Taylor, 72, has been dating 40-year-old actress Sarah Paulson for "a few months," a source tells ET.

It's you with the fine (and beautiful) head..."Taylor also gushed about her girlfriend in October. But she's mentioned it because just from a spiritual point of view, from a heart point of view ...

Charlie and his extremely rich neighbor, Norma, behave as enemies.

Alan drags him to the bookstore, not that a copy has any chance of actually getting read, however hard he pushes his nitwit son.

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