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He continues to teach these unique techniques to scores of men and despite now being in his 50s, he doesn’t seem to have any problem picking up the ladies. If you haven’t heard of Neil Strauss and his famous book: The Game, then you’ve had your head buried in the sand like an ostrich.

As the talk progressed, he got to interact with the audience more, and explained that he had a prescription for the glasses and wasn’t trying to “be cool”. Only a PUA instructor constantly goes out because he needs the practice to do his job. Simple foods poor people used to eat for cheap are now sold expensively in whole foods and “organic” outlets. In the web 2.0 world, no one is going to spend 2-3k without seeing video content that makes them trust and feel like at least they know a bit about the instructor. The old, non commercial community was based on mutual respect and trust, much like fellow researchers/scientists: Post: “guys, I went out, tried X, 3 times, on 10 sets, results are…” Only these types of posts from legit people are taken seriously.

It is unreasonable to assume someone will keep going out after he can consistently get laid or has a lifestyle that gets him laid. Owen says, “I was watching Kobe the other day, and I think I have a shot at the NBA. Because marketing and money are now involved, the commercialism sets an unrealistic expectation of the game, with perfect “batting average”, when instead, in reality, the game is played via skill, persistence, and a dose of common sense and realistic adaptability.

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Owen has a cool, stable alpha vibe with a mix of zen and grungy realism to him.

Hard to explain unless you feel his energy in person. At one point he said, “look into my eyes and tell me I’m full of shit, or if I’m the real deal. I realized then that only a man that is so committed to a path of his choosing can have eyes that look like that.

In a film with a good smattering of anti-consumerist messages (“the things you own end up owning you”, being one of the most memorable quotes) it’s interesting that one of the main characters treats audiences to a staggering collection of outfits.

But frankly, crazy and charismatic Tyler Durden’s wardrobe makes this film.

Don’t forget those ‘Brit abroad’ style print T-shirts that make their entrance as the character’s dress sense gets ever more daring: it’s an odd blend but it works. Tyler managed to sum up a drifting generation with his trend-blending style, but the result still stands today as a style well worth incorporating into your own wardrobe, especially if you fancy toughening up your look.

Tyler’s hair is as iconic as his clothing: short back and sides give way to a messy mop of gelled spikes before he goes for a skinhead, and a decent shadow of stubble gives the impression that he’s got more important things than shaving to worry about. How to pull it off It’s true you need to have a certain level of cool to pull off a leather jacket, but there is a shortcut.

Back in 2007, we used to host talks from Juggler, Zan, and Badboy at the pick up 101 mansion in Chinatown. Tobias arranged the talk today at the Renaissance hotel and Owen Cook showed up to give us a talk.

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