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Now poised on the brink of an exciting new-collar career, Shu Don is just beginning to explore her potential.

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TRENTON, New Jersey (CNN) -- A New Jersey study suggesting black drivers speed more than other drivers was released this week despite federal government concerns about its accuracy.

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Hispanics were not significantly different from white drivers, but those classified as "other" were 18 percent more likely to speed, the study showed.

The study found that drivers younger than 45 were more than three times more likely to speed, and men were more likely to speed than women.

Now a senior at William Peace University studying business analytics, Shu Don was one of dozens of P-TECH students to graduate at just 16 years old with a high school diploma, an associate tech degree and a paid IBM internship on her resume.

The program sparked her passion for coding, and showed her the power of technology and its ability to connect people and change lives.

According to the study findings, in the 65 mph zone where motorists enter the turnpike from Pennsylvania, drivers identified as African-American were 64 percent more likely to be speeding than those of similar age and sex who were identified as white.

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