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For example, if a trigger is defined as an INSTEAD OF INSERT trigger for a table, and the trigger executes an INSERT statement on the same table, the INSERT statement executed by the INSTEAD OF trigger does not call the trigger again.

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To prevent having results returned to an application because of a trigger firing, do not include either SELECT statements that return results or statements that perform variable assignment in a trigger. -- The AFTER INSERT trigger is fired and the INSERT transaction is rolled back. Purchase Order Header (Revision Number, Status, Employee ID, Vendor ID, Ship Method ID, Order Date, Ship Date, Sub Total, Tax Amt, Freight) VALUES ( 2 ,3 ,261 ,1652 ,4 , GETDATE() , GETDATE() ,44594.55 ,3567.564 ,1114.8638 ); GO CREATE TRIGGER safety ON DATABASE FOR DROP_SYNONYM AS IF (@@ROWCOUNT = 0) RETURN; RAISERROR (' You must disable Trigger "safety" to drop synonyms!

A trigger that includes either SELECT statements that return results to the user or statements that perform variable assignment requires special handling; these returned results would have to be written into every application in which modifications to the trigger table are allowed.

concept, where changes in SQL data can be monitored and acted upon.

This means each time a DELETE, UPDATE or INSERT is performed, additional actions are taken by the declared triggers. Triggers allow performing an arbitrary transformation of data that is being updated or inserted, or to prevent insert, updated or deletes, or to perform additional operations.

For UPDATE actions there is both an old and new version of each row.

A trigger can be specified to activate before or after the action has been performed.Hyper SQL supports an extension to the CREATE TRIGGER statement, which allows the user to specify the execution order of the new trigger.A row level trigger allows access to the deleted or inserted rows.We recommend that you review your applications for nested triggers to determine whether the applications comply with your business rules with regard to this behavior when the nested triggers server configuration option is set to 0, and then make appropriate modifications. Because CHECK constraints can reference only the columns on which the column-level or table-level constraint is defined, any cross-table constraints (in this case, business rules) must be defined as triggers.-- This trigger prevents a row from being inserted in the Purchasing. Purchase Order Header AFTER INSERT AS IF (@@ROWCOUNT_BIG = 0) RETURN; IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM Purchasing. Purchase Order Header -- table when the credit rating of the specified vendor is set to 5 (below average). Purchase Order Header AS p JOIN inserted AS i ON p. Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.

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