dating screen name ni priscilla almeda - Updating dog microchip

Charges for updating your contact details will vary across microchip database providers.If you are unsure of who your microchip provider is, please contact one of the below databases who will be able to tell you who you are registered with.

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To transfer ownership of a pet that is currently registered to you, log in to your account and click on “My Pets.” Then click on “transfer ownership” underneath the pet’s icon.

Once you transfer the pet, the new owner will receive an email to accept or reject this transfer.

If you do not know your dog’s microchip number, you will need to have your dog scanned at a vets or alternatively by one of our campaign teams at a Community Event.

UK Microchip Databases If you have bought a puppy from a breeder, it is important that you apply for a transfer of keepership and register the puppy’s microchip details to your name and address.

If your pet is registered with another registry, such as AVID or Home Again, you (or the new owner) will need to contact that registry directly to request for them to update the microchip registration in their database.

As always, the Found Animals Registry is 100% FREE.Until they take action, the pet will remain registered in your account.Once the pet is transferred, it will no longer appear in your account.When you re-home your pet, you will need to transfer the pet’s microchip registration to the new owner, so that the microchip number becomes associated with the correct individual.If your pet is registered in the Found Animals Registry, you can follow the steps below to transfer a pet’s microchip registration to a new owner.The microchip MUST at first be registered to the breeder and it is breaking the law if the breeder offers to chip and register directly into your name.

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