Updating elgg

I have two unordered lists (dynamically created) that get updated with ajax.

With script below I can only get one list to update but not both.

updating elgg-7

objects as needed, and following the spec from the config. It also disables automatic clearing of sudo sessions, so you should really only set this if you use Composer as super user at all times like in docker containers.

I have a little problem and hoping someone with JQuery knowledge can look at my code and spot what I'm doing wrong.

Command-line completion can be enabled by following instructions on this page.

You can set a number of environment variables that override certain settings.

Thanks to a normalization layer doing the dirty work in the background, we have managed to keep this rewrite backwards compatible, so all of the legacy queries will work, for the most part, without changes.

Database operations are now powered by Elgg’s, which makes it easier to build complex entity queries using Doctrine’s DBAL.

If there is no The check-platform-reqs command checks that your PHP and extensions versions match the platform requirements of the installed packages.

This can be used to verify that a production server has all the extensions needed to run a project after installing it for example.

I cloned first script and changed variables for second list but only one gets updated. Here is the html code: elgg.provide('elgg.river'); elgg.= function() ; elgg.river.timed Refresh = function(object) elgg.provide('elgg.river_miniriver'); elgg.river_= function() ; elgg.river_miniriver.timed Refresh = function(object) elgg.register_hook_handler('init', 'system', elgg.river.init); elgg.register_hook_handler('success', 'elgg:river:ajax', elgg.river.init, 500); elgg.register_hook_handler('init', 'system', elgg.river_miniriver.init); elgg.register_hook_handler('success', 'elgg:river:ajax', elgg.river_miniriver.init, 500); If I try to combine both lists class in the function "$('ul.elgg-list-miniriver, ul.elgg-list-mainriver')" than both lists get updated but first list item (li) gets "opacity:0;" in style????

After months of hard work, our tiny team is finally going public with Elgg 3 beta.

If the directory does not currently exist, it will be created during installation.

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