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If you can install the gateway on the actual data source, it will minimize the latency introduced. For example, if your service is making use of the West US data center, and you have SQL Server hosted in an Azure VM, you will want to have the Azure VM in West US as well.

This will minimize latency and avoid egress charges on the Azure VM.

You can use the 3rd party Azure Speed Test app to help gauge what your throughput is. Answer: This is done by way of the Azure Service Bus. The credentials are decrypted at the gateway on-premises.

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For example, for SQL Server and Analysis Services you can use Extended Events or SQL Profiler. Question: Can I use the gateway to connect to a multidimensional (OLAP) instance. The On-premises data gateway supports live connections to both Analysis Services Tabular and Multidimensional models.

Question: Can I use to create custom effective username mappings for Analysis Services? Question: What if I install the gateway on a computer in a different domain from my on-premises server that uses Windows authentication? It all depends on the trust relationship between the two domains.

Answer: Take a look at the requirements section of the main gateway article.

Question: What data sources are supported with the gateway?

If the two different domains are in a trusted domain model, then the gateway might be able to connect to the Analysis Services server and the effective user name can be resolved. Question: How can I find out what effective username is being passed to my on-premises Analysis Services server?

Answer: We answer this in the troubleshooting article.

Answer: See the data sources table in the main gateway article.

Question: Do I need a gateway for cloud data sources like Azure SQL Database? The service will be able to connect to that data source without a gateway. Answer: See the list of ports and hosts that the gateway uses.

Every environment is different and this is also dependent on the amount of data being sent.

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