calorad christian church dating - Updating firmware for dell equallogic ps series storage arrays

Space Borrowing with Replication: Helps ensure data protection by enabling volume snapshots to borrow not only from unused snapshot reserves and the free pool, but also from replica reserve and delegated space.It also enables replicas to borrow from other replicas reserves, delegated space and snapshot reserves as needed.The intelligence of virtual storage provisioning combined with the modular design of PS Series storage arrays enable you to quickly and easily expand storage capacity without affecting data availability.

Synchronous Replication (Sync Rep) maintains two identical copies of a volume in two different storage pools within the same PS Series group for real-time data protection and assurance that a viable, hardware-independent copy of the volume is always available.

Access Control Policies enable or restrict host access to volumes and storage objects and allow users to set and reuse policies.

Coupled with the PS Series dynamic page balancing, it provides a highly optimized cost/performance/capacity solution.

Peer Storage Architecture"Peer" describes the collaboration and equal partnership of a single, simple architecture.

Equal Logic load-balancing automatically balances workloads with seamless distribution of data across multiple active storage resources.

The result is optimized performance and availability of network connections, cache, controllers and drives.

Dell Equal Logic software gives you enterprise power with everyday simplicity.

Through end-to-end solutions, you can efficiently move the right data to the right place at the right time and for the right cost.

These same arrays also provide additional virtual storage.

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