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After validating the VLAN configuration we rebooted the host.Connectivity resumed when a host was rebooted , but at random different hosts lost connectivity again.

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And without a way to reproduce the issue on demand it was complex to troubleshoot.

A week later I did an implementation at a customer site.

Its primary purpose is to provide a way to install mods in a manner that leaves the game's install folder intact and untouched, doing so via a virtual file system.

By keeping every mod it installs entirely separate from one another, it makes installation and uninstallation of mods quick and easy.

All the hosts were deployed successfully, but we were having issues creating a cluster from these nodes.

The cluster validation wizard showed connectivity issues between the nodes.

The details of the HP Flex Fabric 10Gb 2-port 554FLB Adapter showed that this is Emulex hardware.

A search on the Emulex site provided an newer version of the driver.

The design was based on a two node Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V cluster with System Center workloads and a five node Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V cluster for production workloads.

The nodes of the production cluster were deployed using the bare metal deployment process in System Center VMM 2012 R2.

I must say Kudos to Silviu for his assistance every evening this week and Don Stanwyck for communicating with HP.

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