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Mac Book Air owners can't upgrade many parts of their laptop, but tech-accessory maker Transcend offers storage upgrade kits that cost far less than a new Mac.

These kits include an SSD (Solid State Storage) module, two screwdrivers, and an SSD enclosure.

Once you've installed your new SSD, you can keep your old one in the enclosure and use it as external storage. You end up with an upgraded computer and an external drive you can use for backups.

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See the pages for the Mac Book Pro 17" 2006-08 and Mac Book Pro 17" Unibody. If you want to upgrade but aren't happy to install your upgrades then we can help. Memory listed here is for the Mac Book Pro 15" 2006-2008.

The Mac Book Aluminium, released in October 2008 (later replaced by the very similar Mac Book Pro 13"), also looks similar. System Profiler (Apple menu About This Mac, then click on the "More Info" button) will also tell you what type of Mac you have. Apple specs here and for the November 2007 refresh here. Follow the relevant link for memory for the: Mac Book Pro 13", Mac Book Pro 15" Unibody, Mac Book Pro 17" 2006-08 or Mac Book Pro 17" Unibody. The original Core Duo machines can accept up to 2GB in RAM in two 1GB chips.

Machines dealt with on this page have a silver keyboard. There are also 17" versions of the Mac Book Pro, which has their own pages.

Compatibility between the two ranges of machines is very similar, although not identical, and dates of revisions vary. If you are still unsure you can contact us on 01223 833 412, or by email for confirmation.

We also have pages on the Mac Book Pro 13", Mac Book Pro 17" 2006-08 and Mac Book Pro 17" Unibody.

As well as the change of processor between the Mac Book Pro and Power Book G4, this machine moved to a SATA rather than IDE drive (the first Apple laptop to do so), and replaced the Power Books PCMCIA expansion slot with the new Express Card/34.

The best way to distinguish this machine from the earlier Power Book G4 is to check System Profiler for the CPU type (Intel Core Duo or Core 2 Duo), although it can also be easily identified by Apple's new Mag Safe power connector - the power cable is held on magnetically when attached, eliminating the possibility of damaging the machine by tripping on the power lead.

This machine can be distinguished from the later Mac Book Pro 15" Unibody by the keyboard colour.

The inclusion of the screwdrivers and enclosure make this kit easy to recommend because it shows Transcend was thinking ahead.

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