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; whether Rock, Classical, Audiobooks, or Podcasts; Movies, Home videos, or TV shows; whether they’re located on your hard drive, CDs, or a network.Organize, browse, or search music by Genre, Artist, Year, Rating, etc., and never waste your time trying to find the files you know you have.

, MPC, APE, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, WMV, *AVI, *MP4, *MKV, etc.) and have volume levels adjust automatically (using Replay Gain and MP3 Gain technology).

Fine-tune your audio using an equalizer or hundreds of available dsp audio-effect plug-ins.

If you’re a serious audiophile, use the WASAPI plugin or third Party ASIO plugin to interface with your high end audio equipment.

Use Media Monkey for parties or other public events with its jukebox mode, which allows users to make requests while protecting your library from being modified.

Share Audio/Video files with TVs, BD Players, and other UPn P / DLNA * devices.

Just choose which Collections you want to share, and the selected content will immediately be available to your UPn P / DLNA * devices (the Gold version will also convert content on-the-fly to the format(s) supported by the device).If you need to organize a media collection exceeding 10,000 files, Media Monkey is the movie / music organizer for you. Just drag and drop your tunes to mix mp3s and videos from your Library, create Auto Playlists based on simple search criteria, or use the Auto-DJ to automatically create a mix for you.Your playlists will remain intact even when you rename files and/or retag them.Media Monkey is the movie and music organizer for the serious collector.Automatically identify movies and tracks that are missing information, whose tags are not synchronized, or that are duplicated elsewhere.Convert audio / video files from almost any audio / video format and preserve tag information Burn Audio CDs using the integrated burner powered by Primo Burner™.

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