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Either way, if you regularly review your inventory so as to use up or dispose of chemicals older than say, three years, you are likely to never encounter this problem.As far as the impact this has on an workplace where these obsolete chemicals are still in use and no (M)SDS was ever obtained, we have been hard-pressed to find an actual OSHA interpretation.

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Intertek offers its customers end-to-end solutions for creating and updating safety data sheets for global regulatory compliance.

Many companies are unaware of their safety data sheet obligations for regulations such as REACH, CLP, and GHS.

In , you could get away with one sheet for the chemical if certain conditions are met.

See the OSHA Interpretation titled Hazard Communication Standard and Material Safety Data Sheets.

It is certainly to your corporation's legal benefit to be able to produce documentation showing that you had supplied all the protective equipment and procedures necessary according the SDS you had at the time.

In some cases, SDS's may be a part of your OSHA-mandated "employee exposure records" and you would have to retain these for at least 30 years.

See OSHA's policy interpretation titled "Retention requirements for superseded MSDSs" for more information.

Also see our FAQ entry What are my rights to an SDS?

The key points are: The question is not whether you can, but whether you would dare do so.

A "harmless" chemical may later be found to cause cancer or other disease sometime in the future (asbestos is one good example).

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Services Intertek, a global leader in regulatory support, product conversion, product assessments, and testing, prepares new and updates existing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS – now known as SDS) to REACH (Regulation 2006/1907/EC), CLP (Regulation 2008/1272/EC), Globally Harmonized System (GHS), and OSHA standards.

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