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I started "Westerns & Serials Fan Club" when I published the first issue of Serial World back in 1974.

They are set up so that everyone pays what we have determined is their fair share of the costs of the services they use and of the club itself.

Note that all items offered through our fan club are on either a non-returnable or a rental basis and that guarantees are limited to the replacement of defective items with another copy of the same title.

Our present address is: NORMAN & PATRICIA KIETZER612 ADAMS STREET MANKATO, MN 56001 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Please send all future correspondence and letters to this address.

This is very important because the post office does not forward all mail from our old address.

This is all fully explained in detail in the club catalog magazines, but I stress it again here in my letter to you to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

Shipping & Packaging Charges, Return Shipping Charges, and Foreign Charges which apply to all foreign orders are paid by you and are never refunded or credited to you.

There are many, many other video tapes that we can obtain on a non-returnable special order basis only.

You must always request the rental option in advance with your order.

The services offered by our fan club are available to all who wish to use them under the club rules which are fully explained in the club catalog magazines.

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