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Thanks to the help of the folks over at AVSForum (especially Tulli who provided much of the information for this guide, Andy o, vladd, and Samuri HL) and of course the work by Damien on FFDShow I now have bitstreaming working!

The steps are slightly different for setting up using MPC HC (Part I) or WMC/WMP (Part II), so I will try to work through each situation.

updating olevia firmware-51

Things started to get more interesting with AMD releasing the 5xxx series GPU which supports bitstreaming, and Intel released the core i5/i3 CPU which had built in support for bitstreaming as well.

However, you are still stuck with the same requirement of having your videos in a Blu Ray structure and having to pay for a 3rd party solution (although I know TMT has yet to release a patch for this to work with the 5xxx GPUs). Damien Bain-Thouverez (also known as Albain on Doom9), developer of Media Control, has devised a way to allow for full bitstreaming of HD Audio through FFDShow.

Also, I can only verify that this works with my setup, so different setups may yield different results.

DISCLAIMER – It is highly recommended that you have a backup or image of your O/S that you can revert to in the instance that something doesn’t work.

I have a Toshiba 32C120U model that I just bought last year. And does not receive commands from the TV buttons/remote. Press and hold the power button on the TV for 30-60 seconds to discharge. Static electricity build up is know to knock out the controller board, a pain in the but, but only happended twice in 3 years.

When I press power button either from the TV/remote, the only thing it does is green light comes on and post the "Toshiba" logo and then will go blank black. Pull the mains cable out or switch off at mains plug.To make it even more confusing, it appears to only affect Denon, Onkyo, and Sony (but even then not all models). Launch ffdshow audio decoder configuration, go into Output, and tick off all the audio options under the “Pass-through (S/PDIF, HMDI)” settings. Part II, which will explain how to set up bitstreaming in WMC using the default WMP player, can be found here.Best idea would be to skip this step completely, set everything up, and if bitstreaming is not working install the EDID override per Tulli’s instructions. EDIT – IF YOU GET AN “ACM WRAPPER” ERROR WHEN PLAYING MOVIES WITH LPCM TRACKS, GO INTO THE CODECS SECTION OF FFDSHOW AUDIO, SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM, AND FOR UNCOMPRESSED CHANGE FROM DISABLED TO ALL SUPPORTED. UPDATE – an alternative to using FFDShow for HD Audio bitstreaming is LAV Audio.The likes of Netflix and Stan may be encroaching on the free-to-air market, but there’s a depth and breadth of content on TV that is hard to beat considering it doesn’t cost a cent.So what makes a good PVR, and how have they changed since they first showed up many years ago?I tried updating the firmware through a USB stick, the USB stick lights on when I attached it but nothing is showing on the TV. dang this worked for me but after a minute it stoped working. Pull the mains cable out or switch off at mains plug.

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