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Holding cooked grenade that explode sometimes didn’t kill player. Holding cooked flash bangs that explode will cause a tiny bit of damage (as well as apply the normal flash bang effects).Holding cooked smoke grenades that explode will not hurt you.RED = The extraction point you are trying to defend (Carried Objective maps).

EXE Copy this to your background, use this one to start up the game But make sure you've shut DOWN STEAM! Then redownload the invalid part (I guess it was just PB files and/or related files) and reinstall the PB following that Steam told that PB was already installed please select another path to install. Recently, due to download problem, Steam cannot download well. Within 1-2 matches I get kicked with the following message: Punkbuster Detected a problem You were removed from the server by punk buster Please verify your PB installation and that PB is enabled using multi ... I have followed the manual steps to download the latest, no change to play experiance (still kicked).

This will start up the game without using steam, and wont cause you getting PB kicks. I have downloaded from Steam (did this first and ran into the problems after several days of play w/o any problem) then uninstalled and then downloaded a fresh copy from Big Download client ran also for several days before this started happening again. Below is the last part of the log: Log: Scaleform Log: SFLog: Update Advancement() Log: Script call stack: Function AA3Baseline. AA_Main UI_Soldier_Overview_Gfx Movie: Update Soldier Information Function AA3Baseline.

VOIP status notifications were removed for this release to fix the crash triggered by players talking when the scoreboard was displayed.

We will look into restoring VOIP status notifications in a future update. This is the PB service installation tool that is run automatically the first time you install the game.

Added extraction objective color changes to the Battle Planner map Extraction icons are now color-coded.

GREEN = The extraction point you are trying to reach.Changes were also made to allow on the fly device changes so you can test various devices either while using the test voice button in the settings or while attached to a server.TS3 will also validate the device specified in the configuration file and if it is found to be invalid will revert to the system default device.Note that different players may still see the incapacitated player laying on different sides (e.g.One play may see the incapacitated player laying on his left side while another may see him on the right side). Fixed issue where the wrong team was given the victory if one team is eliminated during a swapping round (4-6, maybe OT). This release will feature a myriad of gameplay, UI, weapon fixes and more, all designed to greatly improve performance and your gaming experience.

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