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If your BDA is set to automatically apply updates it will download a new fully functional Launcher app and place it where it belongs in your Diablo III directory.

If your BDA is set to the Never automatically apply updates option, then you will need to manually click Update and the BDA will then perform the update operation.

I have been seeing reports that players are having issues running Diablo III by clicking the game client's icon in the Diablo III folder, and after having experienced the same by testing on my installation, I have determined the cause and found a series of steps that will resolve this issue for you and allow you to once again use the Diablo III icon to launch your game as you did prior to this patch:1) Navigate to the folder containing the Diablo 3 game executable and the Diablo 3 Launcher.2) Delete the file Diablo III Launcher (move to trash via CMD–Delete/Backspace).3) Run the Desktop App.

You should already have this as it is required to run Diablo 3 as of 2.0.1.I spotted a small lore inconsistency in Div2D:"Max and Lucas are playing the game. Max goes first, then Lucas, then Max again and so on... (JK) I got Idleness limit exceeded on pretest 1 on Problem D although it runs on my PC and on Ideone and now i got the same verdict in problem A after it passed the pretests !!! With our full range of Word Press plugins, themes and training, Word Press security is the next step in providing you with everything you need to build the Word Press web.Get added peace of mind with professional support from our expert team and pro features to take your site’s security to the next level with i Themes Security Pro.Make sure you are working with the pulldown menu on the same line as the Everybody group.5) Click the Cogwheel icon at the bottom of the window and select Apply to enclosed items. What errors are you getting exactly, because reinstalling the game should also give you the non–corrupt version of the Diablo III Launcher just the same.________________________________________________Technical Support MVPThe fix in this thread is for a broken Launcher app.

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