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Replacing or repairing a faucet isn’t difficult, but the process will vary based on your plumbing and the nature of the issue.Here’s a look at a variety of solutions for your troublesome faucet or valve.

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Fortunately, there are several clear signs it’s time for an update.

Here are a few indicators your faucets need an upgrade.

Repairing or replacing your faucet components isn’t always easy.

Call a pro if you’re unsure about tackling either of these jobs.

Replacing your tub’s spout is the easiest way to solve this problem.

Here’s a how-to: Return to Top It’s normal for your shower to drip for a few minutes after the water is turned off. Replacing your faulty hardware is a common fix, but leaks can also be stopped by repairing your valve or stem. The majority of problems stem from a faulty valve or component.

You might be doing this for a sale, or you may just be tired of looking at the same style.

Regardless, the outdated hardwear can ruin the charm of your bathroom — even after a total remodel.

Return to Top Most faucet hardware installations are simple. Here’s a quick guide for the three major faucet manufacturers.

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