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Administrators can set the default region on the Organization tab in Account Settings, but that region can be adjusted here when the application is deployed, if necessary.If you are deploying to a runtime that supports worker monitoring (3.4.0 runtime or later), you have the option to check Automatically restart application when not responding.

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Note that you can flag application properties as secure so that their values are not visible to users at runtime or passed between the server and the console.

You can also include an '' file in your application bundle, which can include properties that are marked as secure, and they will be automatically treated as such.

Check this box to enable persistent queues on your application.

Persistent queues protect against message loss and allow you to distribute workloads across a set of workers.

With this box checked, Cloud Hub automatically restarts your application when the monitoring system discovers a problem with your application.

If this box is not checked, Cloud Hub produces all the log messages, notifications, and any configured alerts, but takes no action to restart the application.You can easily deploy your applications to Cloud Hub, straight from Anypoint Studio.This is specially helpful if you’re still developing the application and want to deploy it often to an online test environment. Valid names contain alphanumeric characters and dashes, and contain at most 42 characters.If your batch process takes longer than 70 seconds, then batch process might see the same message again and process it multiple times.To avoid this issue please set 'persistent.timeout' system parameter to a reasonable value, for example if your batch process takes 30 minutes to complete then set value to 'persistent.timeout=2700000' milliseconds ( 45 Minutes).If the name is valid, the Runtime Manager alerts you whether it is available or already reserved by another user. Click the Choose file button, select your application file, and then click Open.

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