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Otherwise, if it was an upgrade, it will use the activation codes from the version of Windows you had and, as long as it was a legit copy, it will activate Win10 for you.If it was not a legit install, however, you can get the code and activate for 9 US after the install.Even returning back to Windows 8.1 did not restore Bluetooth.

Perhaps updating sound drivers or codecs would help. About the campaign "not compatible" with Vista, it's a mistake that's going to be corrected in the next patch. But I bet you already have read that in the many forum threads about it.

How to Create A Bootable Windows 10 USB Drive With the new release of Windows 10, its a good idea to create a bootable windows media CD or USB flash drive.

However, windows media doesn't give you the option to create a GPT disk. What a bunch of fucking they all get viruses up their assholes and die!!! I have hit a problem however, I put the windows 10 data onto my usb stick and set my pc via the bios to prioritise on opening the usb first, it opens the usb automatically and begins to set up the windows 10 installation.

Is there a way to create a GPT disk USB drive with windows media tool? yo mail YES-you can't just download the ISO file anymore to a USB flash drive or DVD. I sure do miss the old days when you just went to the store bought some software brought it home installed it.there wasn't all of this create account blah blah. I can't get past the screen that show the partitions on my pc and cannot apply a new partition to continue with the download? I had did the upgrade on my Dell I5, but Team Speak would crash when I'd try to import my profile from another pc.

Download Windows 10 If you need to install or reinstall Windows 10, you can use the tools on this page to create your own installation media using either a USB flash drive or a DVD.

Installing Windows 10 using the media creation tool Boot from the media you created to install on a partition need help and advise?

join our free forum my pc is new with msi b230 mortar and 120 seaagate ssd.

when installing win10 and selected partition 120ssd it say cant install on this mbr partition and windows can only install gpt etc what seams tobe the problem?

All it will allow you to do now is upgrade your current PC operating system to windows 10. we will put this shitware on your computer whether you want it or not. Even going back to windows 8 Teamspeak would crash. Did a clean install and all is good and the Dell is much faster doing the clean install. Had to go through hell to install Windows 10, it always said unsupported disk layout for UEFI, apparently my windows was running a MBR partition on a UEFI mobo, lol.

Had to convert it to gpt, than it wouldn't boot, than I had to make a EFI and a msr partition in it and fixboot in the EFI partition and stuff to get the win 7 to even boot. I have a Dell XPS 14 l421x and it updated automatically as I had chosen the option in the free upgrade offer. I loved the new start menu, the stability and the cleanup of IE (even if buried inside Edge). However, Dell is not known for obeying all the rules when creating device drivers and the Bluetooth drivers in the XPS (Broadcom Atheros family) are prime examples.

how stupid of me to think that if the campaigns dont work the multiplayer is buggy that the mission editor would work.

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