Updating xm

Degraded virtual drives usually indicate absent or failed physical disks.Critical disks should be replaced immediately to avoid the risk of data loss if the number of failed disks in the node exceed the count needed to sustain the operations of the system. Note: If additional virtual drives or a hot spare are present, then it may be that the procedure to reclaim disks was not performed at deployment time or that a bare metal restore procedure was performed without using the qualifier.

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Updating xm

Individual product availability will vary by vehicle hardware.

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For Oracle Exadata Database Machine X3-8 Full Rack and Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-8 Full Rack, the expected output is one virtual drive, none degraded or offline, 11 physical devices (one controller two SAS2 expansion ports eight disks), eight disks, and no critical or failed disks.

If the output is different, then investigate and correct the problem.

Refer to My Oracle Support note 1323309.1 for additional information and corrective steps.

When upgrading a database server that has a hot spare to Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software release or later, the hot spare is removed, and added as an active drive to the RAID configuration.The following copyright notices apply to such materials: © 2006-2016 Tom Tom. This material is proprietary and the subject of copyright protection, database right protection and other intellectual property rights owned or licensed to Tom Tom.The product includes information copied with permission from Canadian authorities, including © Canada Post Corporation and Department of Natural Resources Canada, All rights reserved.I got a great price back then, and they are continuing the cost reduction for when I transfer the subscription from the Prius, to the Soul AFTER my free subscription runs out in the middle of September.I agree...can't beat it for all the infotainment out there including traffic.Receive one or more of the following when you subscribe: Parking Information provided from multiple sources including Best Parking — powered by Park Whiz.

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