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On February 22nd, 2008, Michael deleted his channel in a tragic double-suicide with his e-g/f Snow Vhite.However, moar recently both have returned to You Tube via their lame Batman fanboi socks. the same child fucking degenerates who have posted over 900 images of child porn on ED...As the YTYC's resident sock-farmer, she realized that by sucking his e-cock, she could at last have the personal army she had always longed for.

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Since Michael lacks any kind of datamining skills whatsoever, he went after the easiest target in the YTYC, vlogger Troy Riser.

Being the big badass that he is, Mikey decided to target Troy Riser's son Jacob.

The Sock Detective (Smugfag 2.0), is a failed You Tube troll with delusions of grandeur.

Once given a place of honor at the table of the YTYC, he's now mired in AIDS and fail as a traitor, and is forced to sit with the rest of the geeks at "the nerd table".

and what were those secrets exactly, you mean you did shit WORSE than what we talked about in 2.0? Shortly after several accounts of Snow Vhite's were compromised, it became abundantly clear who wears the pants in the Snocko household.

Chatlogs surfaced showing Michael getting his balls stomped almost every night by Veronica via messenger, and like a dog that goes back to his vomit, Socko always went back for more.

Michael's obsession with comic books and video games make it perfectly clear that IRL he is indeed a 34 year old virgin.

Internet skeezer Snow Vhite picked up on this vibe, and immediately went to work shaking her ass for him.

Well the funny thing is, we always knew he was kind of a weasel.

That's why we created 2.0, so we could let him in, without sharing our secrets with him HAHAHAHAH is that what it was? tell me sub, do you even know what the truth is anymore?

He teamed up with notorious pedophile Keith Clark, and created a channel.

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