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Open OTP™ is an enterprise-grade user authentication solution based on open standards.Open OTP provides many (highly configurable) authentication schemes for your Domain users.Combined with RCDevs third-party integrations, Open OTP supports VPNs, Citrix, Web SSO, ADFS, Linux, Microsoft, Wifi, Web applications and much more…

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The fast market adoption of Open OTP is the result of a high-quality product design, an impressive set of features, an increasing panel of integrations and an unbeatable combination of cost-efficiency, security and easy of use to secure corporate access..

The native SOAP API is extremely simple and is provided with a WSDL service description file.

RCDevs Open OTP Token for Android and IOS provides convenient authentication workflows with mobile push notifications.

Our software Token has also been designed for the best user experience with two additional operating modes: In the standard mode, the Token gets notified during the login process and displays the transaction details with the OTP code.

When a login context is trusted, the user logs in with the single factor (the domain password).

If a login failure occurs, multi-factor is enforced again.Trusts are special Domains which do not correspond to a set of local LDAP users but a set of users on a remote Open OTP installation.The Trust system works like an authentication proxy for remote domains (within a trusted organization) and maps a local virtual Domain name to a remote Domain on another Web ADM server.The use of HSM modules in Open OTP is 100% transparent and the migration to hardware cryptography can be done at any time without impacting your business.RCDevs Web ADM server supports up to 8 HSM modules in hot-plug mode for fault-tolerance and increased performances.For more convenience, it can optionally speak the OTP.

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