Validating user input in c zoe ventoura daniel macpherson dating

(MCAD/MCSD Developing and implementing Web Applications with Visual C# . NET) Required field validator is used for required fields.

The addition to this, client-side validation requires the client to be capable of running scripts.

That might be an issue with old browsers and some new browsers in which users turn off script execution thinking that scripts are unsafe.

Regular Expression Validator is used to check the user input against some built in regular expressions.

The control provides the Regular Expression collection property that can be used to select the desired Regular Expression.

Custom Validators can be used to make your own custom validation expressions.

You can find many free regular expressions on the website Here is a small example of the Custom Validator Control.

Apart from the regular expressions that ship with the framework you can also make your own regular expressions using the using System. You can check the range of values against different data types such as String, Date, Integer and so on.

The two most important properties of the range validator control is the Maximum value and the minimum value.

In order to set the Required validator on the Text Box control just drag and drop the validator on the webform and set its Controlto Validate property to the Text Box id you want to validate. Is Valid property is true if the page does not have any error messages to display.

The Required field validator performs the validation first on the client side and than on the server side.

provides the developer with different types of validation controls.

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