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Vampire Knight (ヴァンパイア騎士) is a shōjo manga and anime series written by Matsuri Hino.

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* Zero Kiryu (錐生 零), who is a year older than Yuki Cross, comes from a vampire hunter family.

His parents were killed by the pureblood vampire Shizuka Hio after they were ordered to assassinate her lover, a former human that had not yet fallen to level E.

As Kaname kills the vampire senate, Yuki fights Rido.

During a fierce battle, Zero aids her in killing him, but then turns his gun on her, stating he will kill all of the pureblood vampires.

Produced by Studio Deen, the anime series' first season aired in Japan on TV Tokyo between April 8, 2008 and July 1, 2008.

The second season, titled Vampire Knight Guilty aired on the same station from October 7, 2008 and December 30, 2008.However, Yuki loves Kaname, who has always been protecting her and has been by her side during her childhood as a vampire.When Rido Kuran, their uncle, resurfaces at Cross Academy, Yuki's memories are unlocked, revealing that she is actually a pureblood vampire, both Kaname's "sister" and his fiancee.The anime uses many of the same voice actors as were used for the drama CDs.Yuki Cross's earliest memory is of a snowy night in winter, when she was attacked by one vampire and was saved by another, Kaname Kuran.Chapters are collected and published in collected volumes by Hakusensha, with nine volumes currently released in Japan.

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