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Your next step is to create an autoexec file in the same folder as the to add some more useful commands.

All you have to do is open notepad, type the commands and save it as (beware not as txt! The game will automatically find the file and run it.

Those that want to stroll through the game as quickly as possible can simply move on to the main quests.

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You'll find them marked by [-:] for "basic" and [ :] for "plus" changes. Performance =============== Another issue with Bloodlines is performance, if your PC-specs are low, you'll probably encounter poor performance and long load times.

This is mainly because the game's code wasn't tweaked enough and because the game due to its RPG element and huge amount of dialogues and scripts needs a lot of memory. To do this, right-click on the game shortcut and choose properties. To make the game manage the memory better you can add the additional command: [ -heapsize xxxxxx] to your game shortcut.

=========== The Guide =========== There are some very good guides for this game out there, in fact Jay Darco's and vampireheph's guides at Game FAQ's helped me a lot with my first playthrough, but I felt that a guide that had almost everything about the game was missing.

The game has many different clans that not only have different abilities but also interact with the game world in their own way. This is the only game that I have completed so many times.

Then I'll give you the side quests that are available at that time and then I'll cover the main quests.

Of course I'm bound to miss a couple of things and probably make mistakes along the way, so you are welcome to sent me any corrections/additions/suggestions that you might have (see the CONTACT section for more details) I'm trying to make this guide as spoiler-free as it's possible so I'm not going to spell out the exact conversations you need to have in order to achieve a goal, I'm gonna give you directions and then it's easy to find out what to do. Each chapter will first give you the general stuff you can do in the area, I've named them "points of interest".

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TABLE OF CONTENTS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (x) 1. I on my part have included everything I wanted , so basically from now on it's in Wesp5's hands to add any new additions of the unofficial patch. Patches =========== Official Patch: --------------- It's essential to install the official 1.2 patch, it resolves some critical bugs that can seriously mess up the game and prevent you from finishing it.

This guide will also follow the chronological order of events to make navigation through the guide (and the game) easier.

If reducing resolution and visual quality in the options menu doesn't help you enough, hopefully some tweaking can be used to make the game run smoother. Then add the " -console" command (without the quotes) where it says "target", so it will look something like this: "C:\...\Vampire - Bloodlines\vampire.exe" -console You can then push the "~" key while in the menu to bring down the console and add your commands there if you like, though I would recommend you to edit the config files as I say below and not add the commands manually each time. If you have 1 GB of RAM or higher your page file will probably be just right, if you have lower than 1 GB of RAM you should change it to at least 1.5 GB. Where xxxxx stands for half of your current RAM in KB.

Have in mind that some of the following tweaks may not work for you, or you may not really need them, it's up to you if you'll use them and which ones. The in-game console should be used mostly for testing. To avoid this use it from the main menu only or unfreeze by typing "chareditor" and then continuing from the character page. Thus if you currently have 1 GB of RAM you should use: 512000 Open the properties of the shortcut and add the command so that it looks like this: "C:\...\Vampire - Bloodlines\vampire.exe" -console -heapsize 500000 4.

WALKTHROUGH | | | | | ------[] INTRO: EMBRACED | | | | | | | | ------(o) Main Quests | | | | | Royal Flush | | (x) 8. Although both games are set in the same universe and both are RPG's, they don't have that many similarities and so you don't need to have played the previous game in order to follow the story.

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