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“If I was to coach somebody else on how to get into the industry, I’d [tell them] ‘make strict rules for yourself, don’t break them, they’re for your safety,’” she said.

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Many post-secondary students who earn an income through sex work feel compelled to keep the nature of their work secret to protect themselves from discrimination.

This is despite the fact that students gaining an income from sex work is neither new nor uncommon.

Though Ava admits that what she was doing was sometimes dangerous, she took precautions by notifying her sisters of her visits with her clients and telling them where she planned to be.

Looking back, she wishes that she would have been even more careful.

Ava said at the time she didn’t want to go through the hassle of finding another client who would accept her terms — so she quit.

Part of her reason for speaking out is that she feels it is important to tell people about her experience in order to dispel the overwhelmingly positive or negative views of sex work that many people hold.

Simon Fraser University recently made news for having one of the fastest growing “sugar baby” populations in the country — that is, an increasing number of students signed on to the website Seeking Arrangements.

While some users see it as just a dating app, others use it as a way to pay their tuition.

Ava is not the only person who reports that they were drawn to sex work out of curiosity.

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