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It turned out to be a power regulator logic failure where in combination with multiple reasons the device fails to power up the CPU and peripherals after idling into a deep sleep state.

I am pleased to pass on that we have a fix candidate under validation which we expect to push out the soon [sic] with the next SW update! Well, you never can tell with software companies, and to date Lee has made no further contribution to the thread.

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In addition to support for Gigabit Class LTE, the update brings the latest (November) security patch to the two smartphones.

Thanks to Gigabit Class LTE, owners of compatible mobile devices will be able to enjoy download speeds of up to 1 Gb per second (at least in theory).

All four phones are now more than two years old, so it's great to see Verizon and Samsung continue to work to keep them secure.

Meanwhile, the LG G5 is being updated with the November 6, 2017 Android security patches and the App Flash app.

Microsoft’s Kevin Lee stated: I'm sorry we've been dark - I work closely with the Lumia engineering team that's working directly on this. Beginning in early September we started to receive an increased number of customer feedback regarding Microsoft Lumia 1020 and 925 device freezes.

During the last two months we have been reaching out for more and more data and devices to systematically reproduce and narrow down the root cause.

This is normally the precursor to the phone freezing fully...

As things stand, my mum's phone is basically a paperweight that requires hard resets (volume/power for 10 seconds) at least 3 times a day.

Some owners began receiving the Android 8.0 update last week, and now that Verizon has posted its changelog for the update, we should see more Moto Z2 Force owners receiving their Oreo treat.

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