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But this is because an original Electro camera is being featured, I suspect to generate nostalgia and interest in whatever the brand has in mind.More intriguing is the actor using the camera as though to take a selfie, something physically impossible to do unless she has arms about one metre long.There was an important airshow in which I took really great photos only to find at the end that the camera's film winding mechanism was broken and the film was blank. My Last 35mm film camera was also a Yashica - a 200 AF.

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Please don't presume to lecture me on the Internet.

I was using the ARPANET back in the 1970s when a single sheet of paper could provide a network diagram to every system on it.

The legendary Yashica brand may be planning a comeback to the camera market, and people are kind of freaking out.

Unfortunately, very little detail is available at this point, but a teaser video and website published by Yashica show a woman using a camera that looks like an old film model, and even taking selfies with it.

I still got it, but I'm not retro guy that would find his way back to film (nor do I play vinyl records..)It will be interesting to see what comes of this, although at present it's just a brand name owned by some unrelated company.

My first personal 6x6cm camera was the twin-lens reflex Yashicamat D (at least I think that was the model - too lazy to research that just now).

As far as I have discovered there isn't a Yashimat.

In the early days there were Yashima Flex and Yashica Flex, and prior to these Pigeonflex.

Can anyone catch a reflection of the photographer and camera? This really complicates matters and puts up the price. No, I'll keep my clockwork shutter, geared film advance, focus confirmation using human optical system, IS using a geometric positioning of my arms, and just 12 shots per load.

The Electro 35 goes up to ISO 1000 and has no shutter speed manual override. By the look of it half of her face should be out of frame aynyways. And then they are committed to making a range of lenses and then, no doubt, we'll get complaints and reviews similar to those bandied around about Sony Nex/Alpha and Fuji X at their launches that lens choice was limited. Now this is a proper Yashica Mat, and any other TLR come to it.

There is no way of knowing if this means Yashica will release a film camera or a retro-style digital model, but it would certainly be intriguing to see a digital version of an old Yashica like the Electro 35.

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