Virgin dating non virgin

Thankfully it's not the presence of past sin that is a deal-breaker, but how it was and is being dealt with. As I see it, you have two options, the first of which probably flashed through your mind, if only for an instant.

Still you feel you want a virgin girl, do wait for a virgin girl, becasue if you get married to a non virgin girl and then keep taking out her past when you guys will fight in future it will be very hurtful for her and the realtionship too.

I just found out that my boyfriend of almost two years had a sexual relationship with a girl about two years before we met.

If the knowledge of past sexual sin is more than you can forgive and forget, then it's your prerogative to graciously break off the relationship — even if that means canceling a wedding — and waiting for someone else and another chance at marrying a virgin.

There is a possibility that you will meet one, though it's not a guarantee.

The second takes its cues from David's words in Psalm 25:6-8 where he prayed, David acknowledges the foolishness of youth but doesn't excuse it, requiring a turning away from it — repenting and running the other direction — replacing those sins with mature and godly behavior.

That is the measure of whether someone who has admitted past sexual sin is a good candidate for marriage. Does he avoid temptation and flee when it appears — or is he prone to encourage it, pressuring you to do the same in the process?

Tragically, it's become quite common due to all the relational shrapnel in our culture.

And the stats aren't that different among Christians.

— then I am mightily encouraged by how he responded to his sin.

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