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A score of 3.0 is enough to let you get basic work done and run the Aero desktop, but not enough to do high-end games, video editing, and other intensive work.

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If you use a different browser you may have to adapt the procedure a bit. I added a section in the handbook about this particular issue.

As I don't have a Vista laptop and I didn't experience this issue, can someone review the instructions to make sure they are accurate?

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The Windows Experience Index should be your first stop on the path to making your computer faster.

To get to the Windows Experience Index, go to Start/Control Panel/System and Security.

Under the "System" category of that page, click "Check the Windows Experience Index." At that point, your computer will likely take a minute or two to examine your system, then present the results. The Windows Experience Index displays two sets of numbers: an overall Base score, and five Subscores.The score helps you find a floor model that suits your needs.Normally, a PC with a score of 2 is typically sufficient for basic computer tasks like web browsing.It's the minimum performance capability of your computer.If your Base score is 2.0 or less, you have barely enough power to run Windows 7.It’s humbling to see how far we’ve grown, but the best is yet to come. We want you to rise up to meet new challenges and feel inspired as you find new answers to old questions. All of our office locations were designed with you in mind.

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