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Mastery of these five concepts/tools/pillars will enable us to further our mandate to take care of the universe and do good is all we do.

We are requesting 100% community participation in our "--0-00 per Jumma" AND 0 for this month's fund-a-thon campaign.

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We also believe that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is GOD'S Messenger (and that we will accordingly follow the guidance of the Quran as exemplified by the life of Prophet Muhammad .(Peace be upon him) literally, figuratively and contextually and practically.

(Unlike our fellow faith members, we do not consider Prophet Muhammad to be Divine but be do consider him to special.) As Godly people we have to do what is good for the betterment of ourselves and ALL mankind.

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Persons who have truly mastered this ability to bring themselves into GODS presence ritually typically immerse themselves in many more of the same ritual prayer voluntarily as few things compare to the joy of being truly aware of being in GOD's presence. PILLAR THREE Another tool is Giving Thanks to GOD for what we have been blessed with either as wealth or intellect, ETC. We consider wealth and success as a trust from GOD and believe that we are accountable to GOD as to how we use our wealth and intellect.

This is also a test of one's gratitude for whatever you have been blessed with 4.

We (Muslims) strive to remember that GOD is as close to us as the artery is to our neck.

We always strive to conducts ourselves with the full knowledge and appreciation of the fact that GOD is with us all the time and everywhere and that as such we will strive not do anything that GOD does not want us to do and that we will strive do only those things that GOD would like us to do.

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