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Selected episodes of the program can also be viewed on the Internet through the Members Church of God International websites and on You Tube.

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The Supreme Court denied Soriano's motion and affirmed the decision with finality in 2010 by an 11-4 vote, noting that "it is a sanction that the MTRCB may validly impose under its charter without running afoul of the free speech clause." The high court reminded Soriano that his program, being aired on television, is accessible to children of all ages and therefore not appropriate for a program with a "G" or for general audience rating due to his use of vulgar language and invectives.

"The Truth Channel" (also called as "The Truth TV") is a religious broadcast station of the Members Church of God International (MCGI), an international Christian organization with headquarters in the Philippines.

On its 35th anniversary, Ang Dating Daan held a special anniversary presentation last October 12, 2015 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum featuring the ADD Chorale. It was aired LIVE via satellite and over the internet exclusively in over 1,360 monitoring centers of ADD worldwide.

It also marked the official attempt of MCGI to break the Guinness world record for the "Largest Gospel Choir in a Single Location." Under the supervision of Guinness official adjudicator and independent auditing firm Punongbayan & Araullo Grant Thorton, the Guinness world record was awarded to MCGI with a total of 8,688 choristers from the ADD Chorale beating the previous record held by the Philippine religious group Iglesia Ni Cristo with 4,745 participants during their 100th centennial anniversary at the Philippine Arena.

In the same year, Globe Cast discontinued its pay television service, TOP Channel however, continues to air for free in Galaxy 19 satellite.

On September 15, 2011, the church launched a large-scale satellite broadcast of The Old Path in Europe, Africa and the Middle East via Eutelsat Hot Bird 6/8/9 satellite, making it available even to countries where non-Islam religions are banned.

On November 1, 2011, The TOP Channel began airing in larger parts of India, Australia, Africa, Middle East and Europe through Thaicom 5 satellite.

In 2016, the TOP Channel was rebranded as "The Truth Channel" to align its name with the other stations of the church, "TV Verdade" (English: Truth TV) for Portuguese-speaking countries and "TV La Verdad" (English: Truth TV) for Spanish-speaking countries.

It also features the use of multi-lingual and multi-dialectic translations of the Bible.

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