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Fawkner bought a ship, the schooner Enterprize, which sailed on 4 August, with a party of intending settlers.

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On the next day, Grimes rowed up the river in a boat and explored what is now the Maribyrnong River for several miles.

Returning to the Yarra he explored the river for several miles until he reached Dights Falls on 8 February.

The area around Port Phillip and the Yarra valley, on which the city of Melbourne now stands, was the home of the Kulin people, an alliance of several language groups of Indigenous Australians, whose ancestors had lived in the area for an estimated 31,000 to 40,000 years.

Many of the Aboriginal people who live in Melbourne today are descended from aboriginal groups from other parts of Victoria and Australia.

Later in 1803 the British Governor of New South Wales, fearful that the French might try to occupy the Bass Strait area, sent Colonel David Collins with a party of 300 convicts to establish a settlement at Port Phillip.

Collins arrived at the site of Sorrento, on the Mornington Peninsula, in October 1803, but was put off by the lack of fresh water.

He explored a large area in what is now the northern suburbs of Melbourne. On 8 June he wrote in his journal: "So the boat went up the large river... I am glad to state about six miles up found the River all good water and very deep.

This will be the place for a village." The last sentence later became famous as the "founding charter" of Melbourne.

However, there are still people who identify as Wurundjeri and Boon warung descendants of the original people who occupied the area of Melbourne prior to European settlement.

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