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We know that we will succeed or fail based on our own merits, not based on what we paid internet service providers." Daughtery said established companies could pay internet service providers for faster speeds and preferential treatment, while start-ups would be steered to could end up in the slow lane.

Many of those start-ups, he predicts, won’t be able to afford the faster service.

Porridge rather than marmalade looks set to be Paddington's new staple after he's framed for a robbery, unless the Brown family can help solve the mystery.

In this classic, broiling Australian thriller, an exasperated schoolteacher finds himself stranded in the dusty outback town of Bundanyabba, where the growing isolation and unhinged locals begin to eat away at his sanity.

Allison Wood, co-founder and chief executive officer of Divinci Education Solutions, says her business model for education software systems depends on speedy downloads.

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