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Some are about players, some are about teams and not a damn one of them tells the whole story.

These are 100 facts you need to know before you draft. Last season, Cam Newton averaged 16.95 points per game, which was 18.8 percent below his average from 2011 to 2015. Of all the quarterbacks with at least 500 pass attempts in a season, Newton's completion rate of 52.9 percent in 2016 was the sixth worst in NFL history.3.

Taylor scored the 50th goal of his career in a 3–1 win at West Ham United on 5 October 2008 In his third game back, he missed a penalty kick which would have put Burnley 1–0 up in an important game against Leicester City to avoid relegation from the Premier League.

Leicester won the game 1–0 scoring 59 seconds after Taylor had missed his penalty.

Just that they tell only part of the story, the story I want you to see. Realize there is very little in this world I am good at, but one thing I am fantastic at is manipulating numbers that support my conclusions. Everyone who gives any sort of opinion does that, be it in sports, entertainment or politics. They might sound like facts, or X's and O's, or rock-solid coach quotes, but they are all really opinions, half-truths and partial pieces of a much larger story. The NFL -- and specifically, fantasy football -- has exploded beyond almost anyone's expectations.

Because of time and space limitations, it's impossible to get a full picture on any one player. And as you watch, read and listen to me this year, know that I have done this. As such, there is a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year news cycle available to you on whatever device you could possibly want.

Taylor eventually won a place in the Pompey team at left back, where he was a regular in the second half of the 2003–04 season and appeared to be regaining form.

Despite failing to score a league goal in his Premiership debut season, Taylor did hit the equaliser in an FA Cup tie at Anfield on 15 February 2004, when he ran the length of the pitch to celebrate with the supporters after a forceful right-footed finish at the Kop End.

And even if I had unlimited time and space and you had unlimited time and patience, there will always be things we don't know. So the trick becomes finding your way through all of it.

Deciding what you think is "fake news" and what isn't. Whom you trust, whose thinking aligns with yours, who legitimately makes you question and look at things differently, and who doesn't.

After losing his place in the Portsmouth team to Niko Kranjčar in the first half of the 2007–08 season, Taylor moved to Bolton Wanderers on 17 January 2008 for an undisclosed fee, after rejecting an offer from Sunderland.

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